Every day, every moment, even right now there are some people losing their homes. Is it not time we to do something about it? There are families who cannot afford even one meal per day. There are people in remote villages that are prone to hunger, starvation, lack of clean drinking water, and sickness because they lack necessary resources to make a living. These people suffer from chronic lack of opportunities. The world they live in have no plan for them; they desire to work, they pray for food and opportunities but none come their way.

Millions of people in Pakistani villages suffer from extreme starvation and hunger, even more number than these have no work, no resources available and they lack opportunities to provide these things for themselves.

Yaqeen will intervene in these people’s suffering. We offer a home to the homeless, place food on the table of the starved, cloth the naked, quench the taste of the thirsty with constant clean water, take the sick to the hospital, give jobs to vibrant young men and widows and most importantly, provide an opportunity for these people to reinvent themselves and begin to make a living from a constant source of income.
This allows them to take care of themselves and their families, ultimately contributing positively to the society they live in.

Yaqeen has launched the “Help Home Program” as a strategy to develop and implement humane, cost-effective solutions to those suffering in extreme poverty and lack of opportunities in our community. Yaqeen is unique in providing both lifesaving frontline services and groundbreaking large-scale advocacy for the homeless, those without food, widows in the villages without help, and those lacking any means to earn a living. We recognize the fact that by helping these people, we stop the potential number of these people who may result to committing social vices in order to survive, thereby building a better nation.

At Yaqeen, we believe that by stabilizing people through shelter, providing jobs to widows, giving job opportunities to young men and women, and implementing assistance programs we can help them get back on track. We can not only reduce the potential number of those suffering in our communities but provide a platform for them to seek opportunities and help.

Program Overview

The program is targeted to low-income students with high unmet needs. The Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration is designed to motivate and help students to achieve future goals. We are aiming to enroll 10 students for the first year who will receive scholarships. The students can apply for a scholarship based on middle school or high school performance.

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Pakistanis are 

35% of Pakistanis live below the poverty line
of the population that is without stable shelter, women and children are the most affected because of malnutrition, poor or non-existent healthcare, and lack of access to education.


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